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Do You Believe In Magic?

This was written January 26th. The day after BIG Sky was born!

Lol, listen. The birth experience can truly change you. I feel calm, confident, and trusting of what life has to offer.

One sec. The baby is crying….

1 hr. later!

Ok, I'm back. But yea, one-word #Blessed! I know everyone has different stories, from conceiving to delivering a baby but I believe we can all agree that delivering a child; better yet, being able to produce a child and deliver her or him with no complications is truly a blessing. I used to wonder if I could conceive or be super afraid that something would go wrong and bla bla bla, but at that moment I remember feeling as if the only way it could go is good. I felt God's presence! Because this baby is the spirit of God, his child, his seed, his gift to me and I received her because I am too his child, his seed, and his blessing to the world. I believe we all are if we choose to be.

It was an amazing experience. It showed me that whatever you want in life is touchable, attainable, and can happen because God shows you firsthand how magical life is. In 9 months, an entire human is created. We think it takes years for someone to become financially free, stable in their career choices, find happiness…. etc. GOD CREATED A WHOLE HUMAN IN 9 MONTHS. Lol! I kept analyzing this over and over again until I realized that the difference between the womb and earth is that it's no distractions in the womb, just growth, it's no going backward, only moving forward daily, daily nutrition, daily organ building, skin cells, limbs, and the list continues. Everything it takes to make a child in 9 months is worked on daily until 39 – 40 weeks when the baby is due and ready to tackle the world.

Question: When is the last time you have dedicated 9 months to yourself? I'm not sure if this is possible in today's society, but I do know it doesn't hurt to try.

How do we try? And what are we trying? Well, daily mindset building, daily time spent with our Heavenly Father, and truly getting to know ourselves and what it is we are called to be on his path. Not physically but mentally. See one of the mistakes I use to make is randomly taking time to build some random business because I would think it's booming, dope, popular, or whatever but I never took time off to be the person he called me to be. I don't want to start producing other things, only the goodness he placed on the inside of me, which simply requires me to put forth the actions that are aligned with what he called me to do. As a dance teacher, I also must train, as an author, I must read and write, as an influencer I must find places to speak and influence, and as a brand seller, I must wear my craft! This comes back to what I mention in another read about "taking your life back". Not just waiting to do something to post but truly living in your dreams, and letting the actions speak for themselves.

I'm not sure if this is making sense to most of you but it makes perfect sense to me and I know it will reach the right people. I am ready to build for 9 months at a time, to build the very vision that God has placed on my heart. To do this, I have to be the Kayla Armstrong he called me to be. I have to get to know that person while being patient with what steps to take on this path. I UNDERSTAND NOW THAT EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE! But only in the purity of his timing, with patience and the trust that the seed will be born more beautiful than what we can ever imagine or create on our own.

It's His vision, therefore the outcome is his responsibility – Stephanie Ike.

Love HIS Ambitious Girl!

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