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LADIES! Join us for our Women Empowerment Dance Event. This is an event that allows women to release, build another level of confidence, and connect with other Queens over conversation and testimonies.


“A Night Out” is geared towards all levels and promotes GODFIDENCE, SISTERHOOD, SELF-LOVE, AND PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT. So put on them heels and let's get to it! Bring all the ENERGYYYYYYYYY. 

Ps. Yes sneakers are welcome.

ps ps. Bring A Friend!

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Yoga Instructor 



November 13, 2023



But it was this moment below that sealed the deal! Some of the ladies stayed behind for praise and worship and LORDT DID HIS THANG. 



November 28, 2022

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY. I believe everyone can agree that this was the best one yet! From the Energyyyy, to the dance, to the food, to the Guest speaker. It was definitely Gods Outcome! 

Not to mention there were a lot of new faces and that was inspiring to see them enjoy themselves, release, and be apart of a vision that's bigger than all of us. 

The message of the evening was "just show up for yourself and God is going to handle the rest". -by Kayla Wanakee


March 28, 2022

ENERGYYYYYYY!  Wow Wow Wow. This was the best one Thus far! These ladies showed out and my choreo was one for the books! 

My favorite moment of this night was watching the ladies perform at the end. Their confidence was through the roof and they cheered every sister on as if we were really at the Super Bowl! It was definetly A NIGHT OUT!

ano picture .JPG

Private Session

Yall I was double booked this day! My first private party in Atlanta and then later that night was the launching of "A Night Out" in May 2019! God is Good... All the time!


My First College Event.

Homecoming 2018 at Albany State University. I brought confidence to the college campus and these ladies nailed it!!!


November 29th. 

The showcase of all showcases. This was the first time I heard God clearly. He said randomly "put on a showcase, and I will show you how I move. Not only will I show you how I move, you will always remember my voice after you complete my vision". Read more...


May 22, 2023

THE LAST EVENT OF THE SEASON. We're so grateful that you all came out and showed out. The uniforms were uni-forming, the laughs and the joy was real from the ice breakers, and the booties was thanging during the dance portion. Lol thank you ladies for another amazing event.



August 29, 2022


Ladiiessss This event was one for the books. The laughs, the smiles, and the happiness was unmatched!

August was a month of revealing your truth and breaking out of the norm. Thank you ladies, for showing up and showing out! WE DIDI IT!


January 17th 2022

ENERGYYYYYYY! This class was phenomenal. The energy was high, the vibes we're unmatched and.. and it was Sold Out!


However, my favorite part of the evening was when the ladies stood up and shared their stories. It was inspiring because it showed that we're all facing similar issues, but it's about choosing to move forward and surrounding yourself  with amazing ENERGYYYYYY. AND that is what A NIGHT OUT is about!

j17th picture .jpg

"A Night Out"

This class was a sexy one! We celebrated my Birthday, drank wine, and had a good time. 


I'll take your man!

lol look this video up on youtube!! That's all I can say. The confidence was through the roof!


February 27, 2023

THE GROWTH, THE GROWTH, THE GROWTH. If I had to describe this night I would say "WELCOME IINNN". 

We pray that you received all that is needed to continue your journey. We pray that you were uplifted and found a sisterhood in the process. 

The message was: Remember, Claim it and work for it.

Tis was indeed A Night Out! Until next time sistah!

IMG_1238 2.JPG

May 21, 2022

The Art of surrendering. 

It's safe to say that God took a hold of this event. The women were empowered both by the dance and the message. And that ladies, is all that matters.

Biggest event of the season, biggest toast of the season. I promise to continue, but I need you to promise to stay faithful on your journey. Let's do this!


November 15th 2021! 

All I can say is thank you Jesus for this one! He out did his self for this event. The ladies loved every moment of it and so did I. Women Empowerment is my calling and I am not stopping because we are all seeds waiting to BLOSSOM! Come connect, sip and shake some (shh) lol. 

A night out 1.JPG

Private Party

I loved this private session. It was a bachelorette party and can anyone say sexy?! I loved every moment of it. 


This was my last class in Albany Ga.

I remember me and @Hamp on IG was making this dance up together. she kept saying just make it fun! And FUN it was! 

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Hey Queen, feel free to contact us with questions, comments or concerns. Also, thank you for visiting our site, all we ask is that you tell at least one person about HIS Ambitious Girl. 
Thank you and Stay Ambitious. 

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