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 Kayla Nicole Armstrong | Choreographer | Heels and Fitness Coach Accolades

  • The founder of Heels & Fitness and HIS Ambitious Girl LLC

  • Worked with Pharrell, Young Joc, Lil Jon, Te-te, Cordae Blue (Bet awards), KD Kitt, Simaya, and Queenie

  • Trained with ATLA Connect (With Kiki and Sakinah), Jamaica Craft, Shemeka Harper,  Albany State University

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and Advertising

  • Event Planner: Planned and hosted over 60 events thus far! ( Dance, community service, social, academic, etc.)

  •  Professional Dancer/Dance Instructor/Dance Mentor

  • Taught over 800 students.

  • Directed and trained 30 students for The On-Set Showcase.

  • Created “On-Set Production” 

  • 22 years of Dance and performance training– Ballet, Jazz, Majorette, Hip-hop, and Heels.

  • Performed at One Music Fest.  (Awesome experience) 

  • Health and Wellness coach with Herbalife Nutrition

Height: 5'5

Weight: 157

  • Instagram

Kayla Nicole Armstrong Services

Hey His Ambitious Girl, looking to get a closer oppertunity with the owner? Check out her services below. Please use the Contact form for any inquiries. 


Private Dance Parties


1-on-1 Dance Sessions



Single Person: $85/1hr,30min

2-5 ppl $110/ 1hr,30min

6-10 ppl $135/ 1hr,30min

11 ppl and Up $30 a person/ 2hr

Commercial Bookings

Brand Partnerships

Interested? Contact Us Below

The founder of Aspiretobe___ (ATB), aspires to motivate individuals to follow their dreams

Vision Flow Consultation

  • Looking to build a God given vision but lack support? Book here, let's Chat!

Interested? Contact Us Below.

My Story

“I have been on top and at rock bottom, I have felt grand and as small as a seed! I used to beat myself up for failure because at some point in my life I was not failing. Business was thriving and classes were selling out. But Looking back, I remember being ungrateful through it all, complaining and dealing with anxiety and depression. Meanwhile God was showing me over and over again that he had me.


Coming to Atlanta in 2019, I continued my businesses and talent, but this time God put me in positions to sink or Swam! I SUNK! For this very reason: If you do not see how much Grace he has placed over you and your life, you will take your position in this world for granted. In other words, if you do not understand the power you have, someone can take it from you and crush it. That’s exactly what happened to me! BUT it was the best thing that has ever happened to me because it took me through a year of being lost, then a year of depression, doubt, guilt, etc.


Then something amazing happened. I analyzed my life and realized how much Grace he has shown me, how many people I inspired in the past by simply following my dreams, and how many lives I changed by simply being me, Ambitious. I found my light in a dark place, but the thing about this light is that no one can steal it, dim it, or turn it off because I understand the Grace behind it. I now understand my purpose and place in this lifetime. Hey Queens, this is only the beginning of HIS Ambitious Girl. For I know not what God has in store for me or this brand but I know that I am taking every step he is asking of me, and praying to be able to help another sister believe that HE is moving in our lives. WAKE UP and PAY ATTENTION…… LISTEN LINDA LOL He is speaking.

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