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Tips on how to get it all done!

The most popular question I get these days is “how do you get everything done?”.

I run in to sisters that need help simply starting the project. Following through, creating amongst the everyday chaos in our lives.

Well let me tell you sis, but first let me take you back to old me.

2019 I was all over the place. I had a different idea every week and never finished the first one. But looking back my health was not great, my organization was poor, my prayer life was suckish AND I never took enough time to be still.

So let’s Dive in.

Tip 1: know your Goal.

The long term one. I use to give up or start projects back to back because I had no goal fr. Now I know what I want so I don’t mind working hard for that thang. I don’t mind starting small and watching it grow because I understand the meaning of foundation to something large.

Versus, if you just out here doing stuff, and no body buying, no body showing up, then you get super discouraged because you have no goal. But when you have a bigger picture in mind, you keep going,

You keep promoting that one thing because you understand everything Grand started small.

Tip #2: Health is Wealth!

WOW, it’s so simple but it’s so true. We can get in to vibrations and everything else but you know what, let’s just keep it simple. How do you feel when you eat greasy foods? Sluggish? Sleepy? Craving for more or even dessert? Guilty, so you spend an extra hour complaining about your body?

Bad health can simply give you a lack of ENERRRGYYYY to complete the next task! But that’s not it, it can also give you low self-esteem which causes you to question everything in life! Then, next thing you know you’re distracted

Next time, say no I’m good, I’ve got things to do!

Tip #3: Get ORGANIZED!

What help me is putting my entire business and personal life in a binder and literally assigning task to each one. I can see it, I can feel it and I can conquer it.

With that being said, COMPLETE THE TASK. We let things linger for days, when you start it complete it, and move on to something else the next day.

For example: a flyer- why did you take 5 days to make a flyer. Instead say on Tuesday I’m going to make my flyer. That way Wednesday is for something completely different!

By the end of the week, you’ve attacked so many projects by being organized and focused on one thing at a time!

Tip #4: PRAY

When You’re feeling off, I bet your Prayer life is off as well. When you feel stuck, I bet you forgot to pray. When you have a lack of interest in your creative projects, CHECK YOUR PRAYER LIFE! God gave us the Keys, which means he has the directions, which means we have to ask him for the MAP! DAILY

I’m so serious!

Tip #5: Get still

How often do you sit in silence. This tip allows all Tips to thrive! Being still allows you to hear your heart. What’s bothering you, what’s lacking, and most importantly what’s the goal.

Get still and create space for all of the other Tips!

You ask me how I get it all done, it’s by remembering these 5 Tips, no matter where I am, what’s going on, I create space and opportunity to get these tips in.

And DON’T RUSH TIP 4 and 5. If I'm in a rush, I show up on a different day. What’s the point in coming in to that space and you’re not ready to receive.

There you have it sis! Good luck, check below for my favorite caffeinated Beverage. It keeps me focus while burning 100 calories and boosting my metabolism!

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