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The type of thinking we do that limits our ability to thrive!

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

I finally understand Limitations. People say all the time, "don't limit yourself" but never really explain HOW.

I want to reveal something that God revealed to me. When you think of a goal, more than likely it's based upon what someone else has already done. As a writer we shoot to be bloggers, New York times best seller, As a dancer we think industry, football=NFL, and gymnast=olympian. All of these are massive accomplishments, but what if that's just the beginning for you? (lol Imagine that)

As humans being born into a world that already have distinctive paths..... is it possible that we are limiting ourselves from the beginning?

The moment we look at someone and say.... I want to be just like them. We go through school, college, then operate with that goal in mind, and if it happens YAY, (WILL YOU BE SATISFIED?) and if it doesn't, YIKES ( WILL YOU FIND ANOTHER PATH?)

I believe God wanted me to understand that we have God given talents, and by using them, anything is possible. Even the things that don't exist yet are possible for us! But we wouldn't know because we are already trying to go down someone else path.

Question: How to move forward without a pre-destined goal in mind. I believe this is where being excellent comes in at and partnering with God for strategy.

Write because you love it and make it amazing, dance because you can't help to and put out excellent content. Cook because it lights up your world and share your experience. WHO KNOWS what could come from operating at 100% in your God Given talents vs trying to operate just to get to a goal because of worldly expectations and limitations.

Question: What am I working on? This! Operating at 100% in my talents and trusting that there is more for my life. Not because I want it to be, but because I have desires. My pastor said it best, "everything happens in spirit first, so what you're desiring could have already happened, now it's time to hold it. The only way that is MEANT FOR YOU to hold it.

Thank you for your time and see you at the TOP His Ambitious Girls!

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