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We’re Evidence: Challenge Alert!


It is said that God connects with our subconscious. So why not hold all of our ideas in? We let it out to friends and family, then somehow get doubtful. Either don't produce or make the wrong decisions.

The issue is not who we're telling. It's the fact that we're born in to an evil word where doubt and fear are demonic spirits waiting to steal our joy.

So "it's IRONIC" that God connects with our subconscious. We're told to speak it in to the universe to claim it. But what if we claim it by simply standing tall and walking in to it. ( I rest my case).

CHALLENGE ALERT: Try this with me! On this new journey of mine, I want to practice sacredness daily!

I want to understand my daily bread. I realize planning Gods timing is NUTS.

Forgive me, but even short and long term goals can be NUTS!

I want to try doing what is told to me in the moment by checking in with God morning and Night. (Stillness and planning morning and night). I bet we would have a different strategy for each day we're walking in to.

Try it out and let's check back in around the new year! Comment your wins below from this challenge!

Love you,

His Ambitious Girls Rise Up!

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God place new creators in my life to help me build a creative safe space with my brand H.A.M.P I gained new sisters and business partners. I got a new car!! I lost weight and gained a better mindset. I dance now ! I mean dance dance!! I am a model ! I model in a fashion show. I did hair on set for other creators ! I listen to my mom finally .. I just listen I am future professional at MAK Beauty Institute in the master cosmetology program with one of the top black owned hair stylist of Atlanta, Ga. I’m in the process of taking over my mother salon and turning into Hustla Industry (H.A.M.P) Last but not least … I’m ALIVE

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