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Thank You For Rocking With Me!

Updated: Dec 27, 2021

I applaud people that know their self-worth and stand strong on it! Because To be honest lol its so hard for me to charge people based upon my self-worth.

I want to stop right there and Acknowledge the fact that when we think about self-worth— why is it that we think about money? Lol what the hell does money have to do with anything! This world is built, breath, and live off of what somebody is charging them. Too bad half the time I’m being scammed! A bag of Chips is 2 dollars but half the bag is full of air. A Chinese restaurant plate is 12 dollars now but in a smaller plate! the iPhone charger is $20 but has a shortage straight out the box. And yes I got it from the Apple store! If money = self-worth then that means that its some crappy/expensive people out here!

SEE! I know sometimes people like myself would rather have a good time than charge people for my talents. I have been this way for a while. However, Im 25 and God gave me an awesome vision about these events and If I don't charge the proper amounts based on the value, networking, personal development, movement lessons, free gifts, food, and wine beverages that I am providing then.... I won't be able to continue. I'm learning that you're either a business woman or a broke dream chaser! Giiirrrllllll, I’m saying all of this to say! If you're joining my family! I promise to be fair but smart on my business behalf!

Jhane (a good friend of mine said, “God didn’t make you to be a fool, it’s great you're producing HIS vision and all but Don’t be no Fool”! Lol and she be so serious!

She‘s Right though! When God gave me a vision, a promise and a dream, it included being free, happy, successful and wealthy! Not struggling! We as the heads of our niche and yes I said WE because Gods children are HEADS AND NOT TAILS! We have to move smart and trust that God will make it happen with people that love us, our brand, and our products! SO, QUEEN, if you haven’t already, move smart, because it’s time to live, and enjoy the life that God has given us!

Amen! Amen! ….. Amen lol that third one makes it real!


Baby Kay Signing Off-

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