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Go hard! is what HE told me on Monday Oct. 4th, 2021.

On this particular day I was feeling discouraged at the fact that I ddnt have enough time or lighting to record my video. I wasn‘t confident enough in my business to defend it. And I ended up breaking my diet that night eating some good soul food made by my Dad. All of these things amounted to me being discouraged and mentally hindered.

As you can see I am super hard on myself! But let me tell you why God said Go Hard. Before I went to sleep, I was told I was unorganized and all over the place. Remind you, earlier that day I couldn’t record because my Dad was using the room and when he finished it was dark. You see, No one cares about you, your dreams, or what you‘re trying to accomplish. It does not mean they don’t love you though, they just can’t understand why you care so much about the things you care about. And why should they? It’s the same reason my Dad knows I’m on a diet and constantly fry up some pork chops lol no one cares.

It‘s actually funny when you think about it. But it make you angry when you really trying to change your lifestyle. This is why God said Go Hard. Every situation will make you react in some type of way. You have to realize that since no one cares about your success the way that you and God does, you have to fight to stay discipline, to work hard even when others don’t take you serious, keep to that diet because clearly the ones around you could care less.

I don’t like it when people bash family and friends but I get that your environment is ultimately a pool of quicksand. So sis, Go hard! Don’t hold back to make others comfortable. Don’t Hold back because it’s convenient, because when you regretting the past, no one will understand why, Its not their life it’s yours.

Go Hard sis!

xoxo- Kayla Nicole Armstrong

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