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Apparel Discount Code: leveled

Welcome Home Ladies. The leveled membership is for you. The women that want to lose weight but find that it’s boring to exercise, costly to have the gym memberships AND stay up on group workouts. 


I lost 21 pounds from doing these workouts and I want to share the experience with you. Leveled membership is $9.99/monthly and includes live streamed weekly classes (Mondays), Office hours with me for any questions on how to be efficient during this journey, 10% off all apparel (in any setting), personal development, as well as private Link ups (parties, workouts/etc). 


All ladies have full access to my meal plan/product secrets I used and am using on my journey. 


Is this plan good for pregnant or postpartum women? YES- I started back dancing 7 months pregnant- Felt amazing and it helped me through my depression as well as getting me back active! Took 6-12 weeks before I started Trying to lose weight. It wasn't until I locked in with Heels & Fitness and Herbalife products that my weight began to shed. 

Join me! Don’t watch me. 


Virtual Classes

  • Mondays- Live Stream 7:30PM-8:30PM or $15 in-person session at SA studios - Register Here.

Office Hours: Tuesdays - Fridays: 9:00AM - 5:00PM- Fill out the form below, add in your appointment Time, date and Needs! Let's Talk it out sis!

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