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Level Up: Fitness & Dance Training Membership

Apparel Discount Code: levelup

I see you! You’re a woman that not only wants to shed weight but also wants to build stamina, gain dance skills and confidence to attack your dreams and goals. Well, I have that for you.  My dance experience is what made me who I am today. I have trained in ballet, jazz, hiphop, heels, and am still training. I said all of that to say- dance is not about what your body can do, it's about what your mind knows it can do. Therefore as you step foot into my land, I want you to remember that confidence is probably the only thing that matters on the dance floor and off!. Let’s work. 


Level up membership is $15.99/monthly and includes 2 Free virtual fitness classes/weekly, FREE access to 1 Pop up class a month (including private practice for the Women Empowerment Dance Event.) Office hours with me for any questions on how to be efficient during this journey, 15% off all apparel (in any setting), personal development, as well as private Link ups (parties, productions, workouts/etc). 


Virtual Classes

  • Mondays- Free live Stream 7:30PM-8:30PM or $15 in-person session at SA studios - Register Here. 

  • Thursday- Via (Google meets) 7:30PM-8:30PM. Link will be posted on Members Only Page!


Office Hours: Tuesdays - Fridays: 9:00AM - 5:00PM- Fill out the form below, add in your appointment Time, date and Needs! Let's Talk it out sis!


Choreography Pop Up Classes: Free for this membership. Held twice a month, except during the month of the Women Empowerment Dance event.

  • Example: 1 pop up free in September, 1 pop up free in October | No pop us in Dec- women empowerment dance event month - pop ups would start back up in January

  • Pop-Ups will be held Fridays 

Upcoming Free Access Events

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